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If a company is planning to operate in the Russian Federation, it needs a legal address right from the moment it is established or accredited. This address serves in particular as a point of contact for the Russian authorities, as a reference address when opening a bank account and as an indispensable element in the conclusion of contracts.

In many cases, the terms legal address and business address are used synonymously. However, the legal address can deviate from the business address of a company in case of doubt. The legal address indicates the address at which a company and its principal administrative body, the General Director, are registered in the Commercial Register and at the various state authorities. Furthermore, all relevant foundation documents must be stored in their original form at this location. The legal address can be, but does not necessarily have to be the business address of the company. This is usually just the place where the company conducts its business operations.

In concrete terms, this means that a company can rent an address, for example in the centre of Moscow or St. Petersburg, and then use it as a legal address for the establishment of a company or as a postal address. It is not absolutely necessary to move into a proper, physical office at this address.

When and for whom is a legal address suitable?

The rental of a legal address can be interesting for a company at different stages or situations. During market entry, it can be used to be directly on site with its own address and thus bridge the time span of registration or accreditation as well as office and employee search. In the subsequent development of the business, a legal address can pay off for those companies that do not necessarily require their own office space in Russia, according to their business activities.

Which documents are required for a legal address in Russia?

  • Rental agreement

  • Ownership certificate of the landlord

  • Confirmation by the owner that the address may be used as a legal address

What characterizes a good legal address and what are the advantages?

One of the most common problems regarding legal addresses which do not simultaneously represent the operational seat of a company is the danger of getting to a landlord who registers too many companies under the same address without checking them properly. These so-called mass-addresses do not only have a bad reputation, but also carry the disadvantage that they can be perceived negatively by authorities, banks and business partners. In case of doubt, this may lead to a rejection of the application for establishment or accreditation by the Russian authorities. A mass-address can also be a serious hurdle for the opening of a Russian bank account.

Furthermore, a conscientious administration and reliable reporting or communication by the landlord is essential, as the official correspondence is only sent to the legal address. In particular, the postal traffic with the tax office should be emphasized in this context. If possible, this requires a direct link to the company's chief accountant. In many cases, it is therefore advisable for a company to use additional secretarial services in the form of a virtual office or directly outsource the book-keeping to the same provider and thus save a lot of time as well as rental costs.


Our services in the area of legal address in Russia

We provide you with our office address in the city centre of Moscow or St. Petersburg as a legal address, either temporarily or in the long term, during the time you set up your business or afterwards. We guarantee you:

  • The right to use our address as the registered office of your project

  • A limited number of registered companies at this address

  • Reliable and conscientious handling and forwarding of the post to the responsible employee

In addition, we offer you the service of a virtual office and thus the handling of all your business correspondence as well as the outsourcing of your accounting.

Do you have any questions regarding a legal address in Russia? Do not hesitate and contact us. Please feel free to send us an e-mail, give us a call or make an appointment at one of our offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Vienna.

Further information on legal addresses in Russia as well as numerous other topics relating to business in Russia can be found in the publications section or on our Russia Economy blog.

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