Ausserer & Consultants publishes in several international print medias articles about the current business situation in Russia and informs about its three core areas: Business Set-Up, Accounting and Reporting. Furthermore there is a german speaking Blog where interesting things about doing business in Russia are published on a regular basis.

Russia: Advantages of Interim Management
Russia: Advantages of Interim Management

Februar, 2015, AHK - German Mittelstand in Russland

Interim management, also known as management on-time and originally applied as an instrument of corporate governance in the 1970s in the Netherlands, plays an increasingly widespread role in the management of worldwide subsidiary companies. Consequently, the interim management is currently a helpful tool for international corporations in order to manage their Russian Business efficiently. What are the features and benefits of using an interim management in Russia? Can interim management be used in challenging times?...more

New consulting company in Moscow
New consulting company in Moscow

July, 2013, RusslandAktuell

After graduating from the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and four years of experience in the area of ​​business development and management of foreign companies in Russia, Johannes Ausserer founded his consulting company Ausserer & Consultants, based in the city center of Moscow. The main focus of his company concentrates on the consultation of accounting and financial issues for foreign companies, which have a business activity in Russia...more

Entrepreneur in Moscow
Entrepreneur in Moscow

November, 2012, SWZ

Since four years, Johannes Ausserer has been working as an expert in the area of business development, management, accounting and reporting in the Russian Federation. Before founding his own consulting firm, he used to work as business development consultant in an international consulting company with focus on accounting and taxation. Moreover, Johannes Ausserer performed as Managing Director of a European construction company in the Russian Federation, where he led the administration and finance department...more

Recycling in Russia
September, 2013, AHK Impuls
Recycling in Russia

Russis operates as a centralized country, which means that most of the processes have their decisional origin in Moscow. Regarding the waste recycling in the capital, Moscow as a metropolis of millions of inhabitants has a huge challenge to solve. Waste management, recycling and environmental technologies available in Russia still remain at a low level of development. Given this fact, German technology producers see a chance...mehr

Russia: Success begins with a smart business set-up
Russia: Own Accountants or Outsourcing?

July, 2013, Russland Wirtschaft

​All registered companies in Russia, including representative offices of international companies, are obliged to operate based on local accounting. Given this fact, most of the companies raise the question if they should implement an own accounting department for their business activity in Russia or if they preferably outsource their accounting to a specialized service-provider? If the company decides to set up its own accounting department, it has the obligation to employ besides a general director a responsible emplyee in charge of the bookkeeping...more

Russia is a Top Priority
Russia is a Top Priority

December, 2012, SWZ

A significant number of international companies accros all different industries have been operating excellently in their business activities in Russia, regardless of which size they are: SMEs, large companies or global players. Despite the classical pitfalls such as corruption, bureaucratic administrative authorities or legal certainty, in general, the corruption only affects the parties which decide to participate in this game...more

Russia: Own Accountants or Outsourcing
Russia: Success begins with a smart business set-up

March, 2013, Russland Wirtschaft

In order to keep investments securely and institutional risks low while setting up a business in Russia - without impairing the sales of your company and without interfering with its expansion - the choice of your Russian business structure needs to be well thought. In case that a foreign company starts its business activity in Russia with exporting their products from their home country to Russia...more

Ausserer, The Manager in Russia
Ausserer, The Manager in Russia

January, 2013, Newspaper Alto Adige

Some might say "In love with Russia" and not "From Russia with Love" as the James Bond film from 1963 was named. For the Manager Johannes Ausserer this fact truely applies. He has been living in Moscow for over three years and has been dealing with business development, accounting and reporting which led to the foundation of his own consulting company "Ausserer & Consultants" in Moscow...mehr