Real estate in Russia

It depends on the location:
The right solution for every project

In case a company decides to expand its business to Russia with the help of a subsidiary, representative or branch office, the selection and subsequent renting or purchasing of suitable local office space is an important component for the ongoing business activity.

Particularly in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where the majority of both domestic and foreign companies are concentrated within Russia, it is not an easy task to find the right object for one's project. The availability of real estate is less crucial than the individual weighting of various location factors. In order to identify a suitable object, a company or its local management must therefore first of all consider the purpose of the rented premises. Subsequently, a requirement profile or a detailed checklist has to be created from the results, which can later be used as a selection and orientation guide.

Selection criteria when searching for real estate in Russia

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Are you looking for an office in Moscow or St. Petersburg for rent or to buy? We would be pleased to support you with our expertise and knowledge.

  • Purpose of use and corresponding equipment

  • The importance of accessibility and customer proximity

  • Reliability of the landlord and payment formalities

  • Realisation of possible synergy effects with other companies

  • Available additional services such as cleaning service, reception, meeting rooms

The location is what matters - advantages of a business center

Particularly in the large metropolitan areas of Moscow and St. Petersburg, a good compromise has to be found between centrality and accessibility as well as the price of property. The costs per square meter often exceed those of comparable objects in European cities by a multiple. This makes it even more important to have good knowledge of the local area in order to choose the location according to the internal requirements.

For foreign companies in Russia, business centers such as those in the country's major cities are an interesting option. Business centres in Russia often offer different services which make it much easier for tenants to find their way around on the spot. Especially for young companies, the proximity and the contact to other companies coming from the same region or from the same sector could be a considerable advantage. Not only synergy effects can be achieved, but also partners, suppliers and customers can be won in an uncomplicated way.


Our services in the area of renting and buying office space in Russia


Business Center - Vienna House


  • Free brokerage of office space in the heart of Moscow

  • Office space from 30 - 120 sqm

  • Well maintained office building - class B

  • Address in representative and central location

  • Supplementary services such as reception, cleaning and security services



Assistance with real estate and office search throughout Russia.

We will take over for you:

  • Search and mediation

  • Appointments and selection

  • Examination of documents and ownership structures

Do you have any questions regarding renting or buying an office or property in Russia? Do not hesitate and contact us. Please feel free to send us an e-mail, give us a call or make an appointment at one of our offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Vienna.

You can find further information on the rental and purchase of offices and real estate in Russia as well as on numerous other topics related to the Russian economy in the publications section or on our Russia Economy blog.


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