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All companies wishing to operate in the Russian Federation must open a Russian bank account in Russian currency, i.e. in rubles. All payments between Russian companies within the country's borders may be made exclusively in rubles, even if contracts and invoices were previously concluded in foreign currency.

The Russian bank account is used, among other things, for payment transactions with customers and suppliers as well as for the processing of tax and fee payments. In order to be able to make deposits and withdrawals and to enable a company to carry out operational activities, a Russian bank account is usually opened immediately after the foundation of a company or accreditation of a branch office.

In addition to an account in local currency, the opening of an account can also be done in any other currency. For payment transactions with foreign business partners in foreign currency, a separate account must be opened in the corresponding currency. The procedure for opening a foreign currency bank account differs only slightly from that of a ruble account.

Choosing the right bank in Russia

In the Russian banking sector, numerous domestic and international banks are represented. This enables the client to select his bank according to his own ideas and requirements. The advantages of working with Western banks, and in case of doubt even a company's own bank, are obvious. Mutual experience in dealing with each other, trust and full transparency about all important processes save potential misunderstandings and at the same time delays.

The large Russian banks can also be a real option for foreign companies on the spot. Usually, the financial products they offer differ only slightly from those offered by Western banks.

In addition to the availability or accessibility of a bank, the scope of services and the level of single and current costs are decisive factors influencing the choice of the corporate bank.

Our services in the area of opening a russian bank account

Together with the outsourcing of your accounting we offer you

  • Advice on the choice of bank

  • Opening of Russian bank accounts in rubles and any other currency

  • Setting up online banking

  • Application for online banking and bank cards with individual credit lines

  • Unlocking blocked accounts

  • Document traffic

  • Closure of Russian bank accounts

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Further information on the opening of a Russian bank account as well as numerous other topics in the Russian economy can be found in the publications section or on our Russia Economy blog.

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