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Are you looking for a virtual office or a fully equipped workplace in Moscow or St. Petersburg? We would be pleased to support you with our expertise and knowledge.

Quick Start: Ausserer & Consultants is offering Coworking / Office Spaces next to our office in Venskij Dom in Moscow


Finding a suitable location to start a business or a branch in Russia can be a tough task. We are happy to announce that our we now can offer up to four working spaces in our additional office room. Located in the Venskij Dom in the city centre, we provide a full equipped office including office material, cleaning and kitchen. Click here to find out more about the key facts. 

A Virtual Office in Russia 

A virtual office is the renting of an address at which a company is registered by post, but where the company usually does not carry out any business operations. The company is therefore granted the right to use the address of the landlord as well as its own local telephone number and e-mail address for business correspondence. This address can be used as an external reference for websites, company documents and much more. In most cases, the hiring of a virtual office is accompanied by an outsourcing of office or secretarial services. Accordingly, a fundamental distinction must be made between two different areas of the virtual office:

Location-based services:

  • Provision of a Russian address, which is usually also the legal address of a company

  • Physical working places and meeting rooms on an hourly basis to meet customer appointments and represent your own company.


Outsourcing of office activities:

  • Outsourcing of telephone and postal services as well as secretarial services such as translations and courier services

Advantages of a virtual office in metropolitan areas like Moscow or St. Petersburg

Especially in metropolitan areas such as Moscow or St. Petersburg, where a company's postal address is of primary importance from a representative point of view, but where at the same time high rental costs are charged for well-located office space, a virtual office offers numerous advantages and represents an option to the classic office for many companies.

Key benefits are savings in rental costs, brokerage fees, equipment, maintenance and personnel. The financial risk is therefore considerably lower than in the case of a physical office. A reduction or expansion of business activities is possible without any difficulty. At the same time, the external service provider ensures that information and important mail is transmitted reliably, whereby the company's own employees are relieved. This provides flexibility and independency. Without long training or set-up periods, continuous availability and accessibility can be guaranteed. In addition, a business address in combination with a Russian telephone number in a central and renowned location radiates trust and seriousness.

Who is a virtual office in Russia for?

Basically, a virtual office is suitable for all companies which do not need an office in a central location for most of the time, but which do not want to do business without a local postal address. Furthermore, the outsourcing of business correspondence is interesting for companies that want to relieve their employees in this respect. This applies in particular to small and medium-sized companies, companies whose Russian business is in the start-up phase, as well as companies for which independence and flexibility are of great importance.

Our services in the area of virtual office and workplaces in Russia

We will provide you with a virtual office in the city centre of Moscow or St. Petersburg, either temporarily or in the longer term, during the time you are building your business and afterwards. Our offer includes:

  • Providing an attractive business address in Moscow or St. Petersburg

  • Fully equipped work places, meeting rooms and offices

  • Postal, telephone and e-mail service in Russian, English and German with local telephone number and e-mail address

  • Attachment of your company sign at the entrance

  • Translation and courier services

Do you have questions regarding a virtual office in Russia? Do not hesitate and contact us. Please feel free to send us an e-mail, give us a call or make an appointment at one of our offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Vienna.

Further information on the virtual office in Russia as well as on numerous other topics related to the Russian economy can be found in the publications section or on our Russia Economy blog.

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